Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mice Skeletons

My dad is working on finishing the basement so we have been cleaning and putting some kind of sealant on the floor. As I was sweeping in one area, I found a couple little dust piles, but then I looked closer. There were mice skeletons in the piles. Death has been on my mind a lot in the past several months as I have pondered the first creation and the fall and the entrance of sin and death then as I have been reading Surprised By Hope by N.T. Wright. Did some form of death exist before the fall? What did God mean when he said "You shall surely die?" How can death be the enemy, the final one to be conquered and yet Paul is able to say death is gain. What should our relationship to death be? Should we look forward to it as gain or should we despise it as an enemy?

I think I might use this as a reason to do some studying. I will report back to you.


Tricia said...

Whooooa deep.

I like this idea. Maybe our fear of death is our punishment? I have absolutely no Biblical evidence to support that theory, but it feels good to me.

Death just seems natural.

But our fear of it, our never-ending desire to evade it...maybe that is what we are stuck with?


Let me know what you figure out. :D

Kim said...

It was fascinating to me that even as strong a Christian as my mom was...even as much as she wanted to be "drinking coffee with Jesus" she, in the end, feared death.